53 Alternatives to Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is used by 57.3% of all websites and most likely on your site. As of January 3, 2013 Builtwith knows of 17,586,002 sites using Google Analytics.




Sites using Google Analytics

BuiltWith has also broken down the Top 100,000 sites that use Google Analytics into 40 categories with most falling into Business, Shopping, and Technology.

Site types using Google Analytics

Why Use Google Analytics Alternatives?

There are many reasons to use Google Analytics like the price, the ease of use, the ability to track your PPC spend, the filters, etc. So why use an alternative to Google Analytics? Well why not? Why not use Google Analytics and another service? There is no “right solution” for you or anyone but there is a “what works best for you” solution out there (and hopefully it is in your price range). There may be legal issues that prevent you from using Google Analytics or similar services. You may also want a solution that utilizes log files and doesn’t add load time to your site. You may not trust the data you are getting and want another solution to verify current data trends. Perhaps you want a solution with more customer support or a feature that Google Analytics doesn’t offer. Whatever the reason you are looking, the list below should get you off to a great start for finding a web analytics solution.

UPDATE: As was pointed out in the comments I may have left out some explanation around the pricing – Sorry! The pricing in the table below was taken off the services’ site when possible and is based on Per Month pricing (in most cases). The solutions in the Premium category were given a “large” placeholder which is just that, a placeholder. Your cost for Premium solutions will be different for everyone and will require you to contact the solution.

Analytics Solution Category Price Range Quick Notes
Adobe Marketing Cloud Premium $5,000.00 – $25,000.00 Formerly Omniture and tag based. A great solution but requires lots of effort to setup properly and extract data from it.
Analog Log File Analyzer $0 – $0 Combined with Report Magic (http://www.reportmagic.org/), you can generate even prettier reports(http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sret1/stats/reportmagic/).
AWStats Log File Analyzer $0 – $0 Often offered by hosting providers this simple Log File Analyzer is a great simple free solution to start with.
BBClone Real Time $0 – $0 Download this script and have your own real-time stats page.
Chartbeat Real Time $9.95 – $149.95 For those that need to see what is going on at this very moment.
Clicky Real Time $0 – $19.99 Another simple solution that focuses on real time analytics.
Cormetrics Premium $5,000.00 – $25,000.00 Now owned by IBM and typically used by ecommerce sites.
Crazyegg AB Testing $9.00 – $99.00 Pricing for this AB Testing tool is based on visits and active pages being tracked.
Deep Log Analyzer Log File Analyzer $0 – $199.95 A free log analyzer that is still maintained and has a premium version.
etracker Web Analytics $0 – $851.00 Part of a larger suite that is offered.
eXTReMe Tracking Real Time $0 – $121.00 Offers two versions that only show the last 20 or 5000 visitors.
FireStats Real Time $0 – $25.00 $25 per install for commercial use. A simple real-time stats solution.
FoxMetrics Web Analytics $59.00 – $159.00 Similar to Kissmetrics and focuses on actions and not just page views and users.
Gauges Real Time $6.00 – $48.00 A JavaScript based real time solution with pricing based on page views.
GoingUp Web Analytics $0 – $0 A very extensive tool that offers SEO Tools along with a number of basic and advanced web analytics features.
Google Analytics Web Analytics $0 – $0 Google’s free web analytics solution originally called Urchin.
Google Analytics Premium Premium $5,000.00 – $25,000.00 Google Analytics on steroids with 24/7 support.
GoStats Real Time $0 – $8.00 A very simple solution
Grape Web Statistics Web Analytics $0 – $0 At the time of this writing the website is down and may be down for good.
Hitstats Web Analytics $0 – $0 A nice free solution that offers a nice feature set and list of reports.
Build it Yourself Web Analytics $0 – $25,000.00 Find a developer (or two) and have them build you your dream solution.
Hubspot Premium $200.00 – $15,000.00 Not like the typical solution but may work for your business.
IceRocket Blog Tracker Web Analytics $0 – $0 One of multiple services that have shut down at the start of 2013!
JAWStats Web Analytics $0 – $0 Improves reporting for AWStats
Kissmetrics Web Analytics $49.00 – $5,499.00 Personally haven’t tried this service but believe it is action driven and not driven by typical metrics.
Koego Web Analytics $0 – $0 Another service that appears to have recently shut down. Will have to check again in the future.
Localytics Web Analytics $0 – $895.00 Built for tracking within mobile and tablet apps
Metrica Web Analytics $0 – $0 Free tool offered by Yandex much like Yahoo and Google offer a solution.
Mint Web Analytics $0 – $30.00 Simple solution with a small price to match (per site).
Mixpanel Web Analytics $0 – $2,000.00 Focuses on funnels and actions for mobile and web.
mochibot Web Analytics $0 – $0 Mochibot was designed to track flash files and flash games.
Nedstat Premium $5,000.00 – $25,000.00 Included in this list due to its popularity on some tracking sites. In 2010 it was purchased by Comscore. For more info you can also check out http://www.nedstatpro.net/
Open Web Analytics Web Analytics $0 – $0 Very similar to Google Analytics and even has a page where they compare themselves feature by feature.
Piwik Web Analytics $0 – $0 Downloaded over 1 million times and a free real time option.
Reinvigorate Real Time $10.00 – $100.00 A Webtrends company offering under a different brand. Offers quite a bit it appears.
Site Meter Web Analytics $0 – $199.00 Pricing is based on page views. The solution is simple and offers multiple ways to look at data.
SlimStat Web Analytics $0 – $0 Doesn’t appear to be updated any longer.
Splunk Premium $0 – $2,000.00 Yearly Fee Depends on Data
SplunkStorm Premium $0 – $3,000.00 Not your normal analytics, this solution will utilize multiple data sources and let you dig into the data.
stat24 Web Analytics $0 – $13.00 Solution that offers multiple languages, heat maps, and multiple reports.
StatCounter Log File Analyzer $0 – $119.00 Pricing is based on page views for this solution with quite a few features.
StuffedTracker Web Analytics $79.95 – $199.95 Another solution that has closed at the start of 2013.
TraceWatch Real Time $0 – $0 All the basics along with Page Pathing.
Unica Premium $5,000.00 – $25,000.00 Now owned by IBM and like Adobe Marketing Cloud is an advanced system.
VisiStat Web Analytics $49.00 – $0 Part of a larger suite but also offers a basic analytics solution. You have to contact them for pricing.
Visual Website Optimizer AB Testing $49.00 – $999.00 A great companion to your typical analytics solution as it does A/B Testing, Heatmaps, Usability, and more.
W3Perl Log File Analyzer $0 – $0 Free tool that is still maintained and offers all the basics.
Webalizer Log File Analyzer $0 – $0 A free self hosted log file analyzer
Weblog Expert Log File Analyzer $0 – $399.00 The free version is Lite and the most expensive version is a one time fee.
Webtrends Premium $5,000.00 – $25,000.00 Price is not true, you have to contact them. But its not cheap.
who’s among us Real Time $0 – $50.00 A real-time solution that offers some basic ways to look back at past data and trends.
Woopra Web Analytics $0 – $499.95 Woopra offers free solution for non-commercial uses along with multiple paid options.
Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard Web Analytics $0 – $0 Still available (I believe) and free, a great solution for US based businesses.


So what analytics solution do you use and what do you like about it? Share below and help others find their perfect web analytics match too!/td

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You ask why not - Isn't there an issue of skewed results when combining WebTrends with GA?

If so - would this be an issue for combining other solutions on one site?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Craig McBreen
Craig McBreen

Wow, I mean good lord, Man! ;) So much to choose from, but wondering where the best place to start is? After a year plus of blogging, I'm finally really diving into analytics, so will be going through quite the sorting out phase.


Analyzer III by AT Internet is another tool you should add: professional web analytics solution for advanced analysis of the audience, including specific business modules like e-Commerce monitoring, multichannel campaign analysis... The pricing starts at $520 but highly depends on the traffic and the options – and fits what you actually need. http://www.atinternet.com/en/produits/web-analytics/


I like addfreestats.com apart from Google Analytics. It even track the clicks on ads. Shows data in real time and many more.

Sue Reddel
Sue Reddel

Woah! Thanks for making my head spin on a Monday. Lots of interesting tools here. 


Your pricing info for Google Premium is not correct. If these are annual prices, that cost is typically over $100K unless it's part of a bigger analytics/digital marketing package via a Google Analytics reseller.Another tool to add would be Clicktale, which is similar to what CrazyEgg provides - heatmapping etc., and is great for usability testing and analysis.


Fantastic roundup of tools. I have never heard of many of these. GA is easy and practically automatic. For a growing business (like mine) should we be definitely testing some of these??

Sean McGinnis
Sean McGinnis moderator

 @Sue Reddel Way more than  you'd imagine, right? I was surprised as well. When Dave told me he was writing this, I was intrigued. I had no idea there were this many, frankly.


 @TeriGidwitz Teri you are correct  on the pricing not being exact. I added clarification on the pricing to cover that in most cases I used monthly prices and in some instances used place holders. For some of the services listed they can be as little as $500 a month to $10,000+ depending on multiple variables (users, upsells, pageviews, actions, etc.).

Sean McGinnis
Sean McGinnis moderator

 @TeriGidwitz Teri - Could that be a monthly price @daver is referring to? Looking at some of the others, it might be. I'll loop back with him and add some language to the post to be more clear.


Thanks for the heads up.


 @Sean McGinnis Well, a) Good customer service, b) I can customize it for whatever stats I want with plugins, c) there is a WordPress plugin that adds it easily into your website, and d) It is hosted on my own server.  It will most likely continue to work even if Google Analytics is unsupported some day. Also, if I ever shut down my website I can transfer the license to another one. I don't have to pay again. It is only a one time $30 fee.


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