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Sean McGinnis

Interview with Elly Deutch of eDigital

Interviews always get me excited! This week we’re chatting with Elly Deutch of eDigital. Elly is one of four experts who will be presenting at our upcoming Introduction to Social Media class on May 22nd at the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce office in downtown Chicago. If you click over today and register for the course, you’ll save 50% off the $595 price of admission (use promo code 312DIGITAL at checkout to trigger a $300 savings). Elly is a VERY smart social expert with a wealth of experience. I’m very excited to watch her lecture for almost two hours on ways to use...

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Link Building Techniques That STILL WORK!

Traffic. If you’re at all involved in publishing content to the web, then you probably care about traffic. If you care about traffic then you probably care about SEO. If you care about SEO, then you probably care about generating links to your web site. If you don’t care about any of those things, then here’s what you need to know – SEO has the ability to drive massive traffic to any web site, provided you are doing it right. The number one ranking factor, by far, is the number and quality of links pointed at your website. In days of yore (read 2011 and earlier) all you needed...

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FINALLY! A Well Implemented QR Code Campaign

While many in the marketing community jumped on board the QR code bandwagon, I’ve been very skeptical of the value they can and do deliver. I’ve been critical of how and where they are used. I’ve been critical of the way in which they are used. I’ve been critical of campaigns that send consumers to dead web pages, out of date coupons & websites that are not optimized for mobile. I’ve been on a crusade to find a well planned and executed QR code campaign. My habit is to scan a QR code whenever I see one.  Every time I scan a new QR code, I’m filled with...

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How To Setup Google Authorship for Guest Posts

Hopefully by now you’ve heard about Google Authorship and what it is. If not, here’s a brief overview. Authorship is the means by which you claim authorship over an individual blog post or pages you wrote on the internet. Until now, Google could read your name as being associated with a blog post, but there may be hundreds of potential people who have the same name as you. How can Google be sure that YOU were the author of that post? Enter Google Authorship. With a few simple steps you can connect your Google+ profile with specific blog posts – whether on your blog or not! Before we get...

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Do you make these 3 SEO Mistakes?

As an SEO consultant, I spend a lot of my time working on existing websites cleaning up SEO mistakes. Those mistakes are made by do-it-yourself tech guys, web developers and designers and sometimes even other SEO consultants. I also do a fair amount of speaking and training on SEO. And when I’m speaking we always leave time for questions and answers. Without fail, one of the questions that always seems to come up is “what is the one mistake most people make with their SEO?” I hear that question so often I thought it would be a good idea to address some of the more frequent mistakes in a...

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