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Online Reputation Management Protects Your Company

Proactively manage your online reputation

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. A negative first impression can cost a company big business. In today’s environment, what is said on the internet by others might well be the only thing a prospective customer sees about your business. A negative review or an out of control former customer can genuinely harm your business. You might think it would be easy to just remove a negative web page or website from the internet or from Google’s search results. The reality is quite different. Removal of a negative page is nearly impossible. There is no delete button for websites – at least not one that you control.

Our approach to online reputation management

Every online reputation management (ORM) program is custom tailored to the needs of our client.  In many ways, ORM is just a specialized type of SEO. In every campaign, our goal is to push the negative search results off the first page. To accomplish this, we optimize existing assets you own and create new assets designed to rank for key phrases related to the business. This process is born from years of experience.

When should you consider Online Reputation Management?

In a perfect world, every business would be actively managing the online reputation of the company, trade names, product names and the names of key executives. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Many businesses don’t have visibility to what’s happening within search results until it’s too late.

If you’re considering ORM only after finding one or more negative search results about you or your business, it’s important to act quickly. Even one negative result can stop the flow of leads to your business dead.

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